Hightower Creations World-Class Products

Inventor:     Marcus W. Hightower

Cell Number:        661-400-0050


Our braid comb is like nothing on the market today. This unique comb will take personal grooming and the hair care industry by storm.  The Braid Comb makes detangling and unbraiding hair simple.  Hightower Creation Products are designed and manufactured in America using the finest non-toxic materials. We serve people of all hair types and ethnicities.  The design of the Braid Combs works exceptionally well with contemporary braided hairstyles, grooming of diverse hair types and beard maintenance.  Much thought and consideration went into the patented original design of the Braid Comb, much like that of the Afro-Pick, Rat Tail Comb and Hair Dryer Diffusers.  The meticulous design of the Braid Comb will revolutionize the hair care industry as we know it.

The Mark

Consumers want quality products at an affordable price. Hightower Creations Products meets that need. Our products are also easily accessible. Our products are sold online so that our customers can shop in the comfort of their own home. We also take a hands on approach to ensuring our customers get the best customer service possible.


We at Hightower Creations are passionate, creative and constantly pushing the envelope to design revolutionary products that make managing hair care much easier. Our goal is to make consumers aware that our products are available to communities across the nation and the world.